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1.  The Premier has encouraged parents to keep children home from school from Tuesday 24 March 2020 for practical reasons.

2.  All students at school or at home will be completing the same online learning. Staff will only be providing supervision of the same work at school and creating new work.

3.  The school is open to cater for parents of essential services who work in our health system, education system, emergency services and other essential workers. We recognise too that there are some high needs children for whom the school is a better and safer option.

4.  Parents with no other option but to send their children to school will still be able to send their child to school.

5.  There may also be occasions where students will need to attend school, even if they are studying at home: like completing a major work project for the HSC.

6.  Updated information regarding online learning will be placed on our school website.

COVID19 School Response (PDF344KB)

Cough etiquette (PDF406KB)

Practice simple hygiene by washing hands regularly (PDF103KB)

Protect yourself from viruses (PDF31KB)

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International students

We accept international students at Woolgoolga High School. If you are interested in placement at our school please contact DEC International for further information and to initiate the enrolment procedure. 

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